Paul Mitchell Flat Irons

Paul Mitchell Flat Iron Reviews


The Paul Mitchell line of hair straightening products has definitely garnered attention because of the full-featured nature of most of the products.  These days, Paul Mitchell flat irons are amongst the best selling products of their kind.  This is both because of what each product individually features as well as the general level of excellence associated with the entire product line.

General Features

There are many great features that you can get from all Paul Mitchell hair straightener products and it starts with the fact that all of them promote the retention of moisture within the hair, preventing the follicles from becoming dry and cracked.  These products will make your hair look lustrous and beautiful without having to waste hours of time because of a heating system that works its magic to maximum effectiveness in less than 10 seconds.

In addition to great high-end features, all Paul Mitchell flat irons come with UL certification.  What this means is that these irons have been tested against things like electrocution and heat safety by representatives within the United States.  It also means that during these tests, Paul Mitchell products have passed with flying colors, achieving the highest safety ratings in the business.

The Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion 1-inch Flat Iron

The 1-inch Paul Mitchell hair straightener is arguably the most popular product released under this line.  It is marked under the slogan that you can “change your look as often as you change your mind” and the good news for consumers is that this beauty definitely has the features to back up the boast.

In addition to the general features that were mentioned above, this iron features 1-inch cushion plates that allow you to quickly and easily cover the entire surface of your hair no matter what style you’re after.  There are five different heat settings and a patented Express silicone grip to help you complete the task faster.  There is no doubt that this iron is expensive, but it is definitely worth the cost if you want something that is top of the line. For more on hair steamers and taking care of your hair go to

The Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion 1.25-inch Flat Iron

Okay, so you’ve taken a look at the 1-inch beauty and while you’re impressed, you can’t really justify spending that much money.  No problem!  One step down is the 1.25-inch iron that comes at a dramatic reduction in price but still has almost all of the functionality.

The 1.25-inch model has all of the general features common to Paul Mitchell flat irons.  Additionally, it has the same silicone and ion complexes used in the 1-inch model to achieve great results quickly.  It has the same temperature settings as well and the same powering abilities.  The main difference has to do with the 1.25-inch plates which are better designed for larger area hair treatment.  This means that you can do area work quite well, but you won’t have the same dexterity that you would with the 1-inch model.  The price reduction however is on the order of $25 to $30 and therefore might be worth it for some people.