Solia Tourmaline Ion Flat Iron Review

“Color by numbers”

Think back to your childhood days – using a pencil to do dot to dot, spending hours on jigsaw puzzles only to find 1 piece missing, making Lego bricks into very random looking houses and of course, the simple but very effective and enjoyable pastime of coloring in. As a child, bright colors go a long way in terms of stimulating the senses, and as there’s no rule that says it can’t be the same when you’re an adult, is it time to ditch the black and silver and go bold and vibrant with the Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron?

A tour of the tourmaline

In terms of plates on straightening irons, tourmaline is definitely the new kid on the block. Full of ions that counteract the negative elements of the hair’s structure, the science is proving to be a success in terms of great-looking hair. If like me you like to break the rules, you will love the Solia Tourmaline flat iron. It’s time for tourmaline to have its own fashion makeover as if your choice of the purchase is the black pair of irons, the plate comes in a wondrous electric blue.

Yes, I know it’s all about performance, but I’m loving this attention to detail. And talking of performance, panic not, as the tourmaline plates are a one-pass wonder. Honestly, with one pass, my hair was straight, shiny, and looked full of health. Ta da! This is a really impressive result and I would go so far as to say superior compared to the result I have had with some other straightening irons. Could it be that intelligence and good looks can come in the same package?

A real rollercoaster of heat options

Having variable heat controls that actually deliver significantly different variants is one of the most sought-after features with a straightening iron. Just as thicker hair craves the extreme heat of the mid-400s, thinner hair would run away and hide from anything other than a temperature in the mid-300s or lower. The Solia Tourmaline flat iron has an admirable heat control that gives real options for real hair. This is a straightening iron that wants to please and wants to be everyone’s styling best pal.

On my thick, drier and damaged hair, I felt confident that the higher heat wasn’t going to result in increased damage. This gave me the confidence to style away to my heart’s content.

Handy handling

I like my straighteners to make life easy for me in every way. This means that I like them to be easy to hold as this means it is easy to style. Many straightening irons forfeit ergonomic structure over straightening capability, but I’m a firm believer that the two should go hand in hand. It may be that as I am someone with dexterity issues I take the issue of easy handling a bit too seriously but, whether I’m on a bit of a personal campaign or not, I think that if you can hold your straighteners in a good position, then you should be able to straighten, flick and curl like a salon professional.

The Solia Tourmaline flat iron also has beveled edges. As well as sounding pretty impressive, the idea here is that functionality is improved. Don’t be tempted to see this as a minor feature, as you will certainly see a positive difference if you come to use them yourself. The shape just fits your hand like a glove and the process has obviously had some thought into it and I like that. Thanks Solia!

I can sing a rainbow

Anything that spreads a little happiness in the world is fine by me and when colors are as bright and cheery as these, smiles can’t help but follow. As well as the sort of expected black, although this is styled so well that even that looks amazing, the straightener also comes in pink, purple and red. The colors are not metallic but nicely bold and vivid so manage to get the right balance of contemporary but eye-catching. It’s a real wow from me and I actually would be ecstatically happy with any one of the color choices.

DAS what?

D.A.S, or in other words Dynamic Alignment System, is a new one on me but I absolutely see the logic. The idea is that the plates close together in perfect harmony. This means the hair is kept in the absolute optimum position for styling and your result will be more even and straight. As much as I like my straightening irons to be the proud owners of fancy sounding features, my only issue with this is that surely ALL straightening irons should have plates that close exactly? Does it really need to have fancy sounding words for something that in reality should be standard? I’m not so sure that the Dynamic Alignment System is as impressive as Solia hope it will sound, but this doesn’t detract from the straightener’s solid performance so I’ll move on to the PROs and CONs.

On to the PROs and CONs.

PROS – gorgeous looking straightening irons that come in a selection of colors that combine the contemporary look with class, superior straightening results with impressive variable temperature control, straightening irons that are really comfortable to handle without needing to sell themselves as ergonomic

CONS – Dynamic Alignment System seems less of an impressive feature and more of a standard feature that has been worded to sound better than it is. Is it just a bit of a marketing ploy?

As you can clearly tell from the positives versus the negatives, there is little about the Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron to really dislike. I am totally won over by how these look but I do believe that the performance is more than a match for the wow from the bright colors. If you are looking for a straightener that is an all-round winner, then it’s time to consider whether you should have the Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron in your life.

Sorry, not available on Amazon UK or CA

ISA Tourmaline Professional Flat Iron Review

“Professional does it for more every time”

I admit I’m a bit of a sucker for marketing hype. I am also prone to taking things fairly literally. So if a straightener is happy to state that it is professional in the title, then I am drawn in to expecting that it will produce styling results that are pretty impressive. I know I’m not even remotely up to calling myself as good as a trained professional, but I would hope that the straightening irons would help me to achieve a look that’s superior to that obtained with a straightener that doesn’t have professional in the title. So after that jumble of words, it’s down to the nitty-gritty – does the ISA Professional Digital LCD Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener deserve its name?

“Red – a world about to dawn! Black – the night that ends at last!”

OK, I’ve gone for lyrics from the musical ‘Les Misérables’ here but with very good reason, as there’s definitely nothing ‘miserable’ about the look of the ISA Professional Digital LCD Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener.

My ‘go-to’ brand of straighteners come in matte black and in my head, my vision of the perfect professional pair of straighteners has that look or similar. Go to a salon and rarely do the stylists have luminous pink metallic ones, my theory being that if a pair of straightening irons are amazing, they don’t need fancy colors to do the talking. In fact, turn that idea on its head, and if straighteners have gone over the top on their looks, then I even start to think that they have something to hide.

The ISA Professional Digital LCD Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener are one of the best looking on the market. I absolutely love them. Yes, my preferred ‘professional’ matte black look is there but it is interspersed with adorable red sections, and I do mean adorable. Even the plates are rocking the look – wow! As well as this stunning appearance, these were also a bit of an ergonomic hit, too. Due to dexterity issues, I need a straightener that wills me to hold it just as the manufacturer intended, and the ISA Professional Flat Iron Straightener does just that.

Shape, rattle and roll

The ISA Professional Digital LCD Ceramic Flat Iron has a shape that has clearly been well thought through – I have visions of team huddles, boardroom meetings and working lunches, seriously. It just seems to be the perfect size whichever way you’re looking at it. Not only does this help to produce superlative straightening results, but for the first time in a long while, I could flick and curl and produce results I was happy to leave the house with. This was very definitely down to the fact that the ISA Professional Ceramic Flat Iron has the rare ability to be suited for use by both left and right-handed people. With my dexterity issues, this was a dream scenario. Add to this a long swivel cord, and for the first time since childhood I was playing professional hair stylist.

Ceramic dramatic

Handsome though these straightening irons are, it’s all much ado about nothing if my hair ends up looking like I’ve delved into a trash can. Ceramic has long been the preferred straightener plate option and it definitely delivers here. It may sound an odd thing to say, but the plates are actually fully ceramic – we’re not talking ceramic-coated, ceramic-infused, ceramic-sprinkled here – and I think it is this that meant that my mass of thick and color-damaged hair was transformed once again into my crowning glory. Well OK, I admit, maybe not the desired just-walked-out-of-the-salon look, but hand on heart I was truly chuffed at the result. The plates glided through my hair with ease, with minimal passes necessary – I call that a good result! But in case that isn’t enough for you in a straightening iron, does the ISA Professional Digital LCD Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener comes with any nifty little extras?

Lock it or lose it

You know when you get your straighteners to that optimum temperature but then accidentally nudge the button and it’s back to square one? Well have no fear, the ISA Professional Ceramic Flat Iron is here! I absolutely love the fact that you can lock your buttons into place, so never losing all those stressful minutes (OK, maybe seconds) spent trying to find the best temperature for your individual hair needs. In fact, I would go so far as to say that each and every pair of straightening irons in the whole world should have this as part of their basic set-up. Manufacturers please listen!

Raving about the neon

I remember the 1990s, when neon was a fashion must. And to bring that bang up-to-date, I’m happy to rave about neon in my straightening iron. The ISA Professional Digital LCD Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener has a neon-lit digital temperature display, and as much as you may think ‘Ha! Why do I need that?’, once you’ve seen it you will understand my excitement. It just makes things a whole lot clearer/simple, and I love it for that.

Talking of love, will the pros and cons list show that I love this straightener or hate it, although I think it’s fairly obvious which way this will go.

PROs – love the two-tone look, especially the attention to detail on the plates; at last I got great results straightening and curling; this was by far the easiest pair of straightening irons to handle and maneuverer

CONs – oh my goodness, I simply cannot think of a single one!

I conclude this review by saying that I really don’t think you can go wrong with this pair of straightening irons. What I really like about them is the fact that every detail is done with the same care and consideration, meaning that everybody’s styling needs, however small, have been addressed. Thank you ISA!

Sorry Not available on Amazon UK or CA….

Karmin G3 Salon Professional Review

“Karma, Karma, Karma Karmin”


Of we all love a good 1980’s classic, almost as much as we love a good play on words, so if the song lyrics of Culture Club’s ‘Karma Chameleon’ are true, do the Karmin G3 Salon Professional straighteners ‘Come and Go’? Are they like a chameleon by changing temperature all the time and creating inconsistent heat spots? And is it true to say that ‘ev’ry day is like survival’ or are these straightening irons simply a styling gadget that you can’t live without.

Well let’s crack on and see…

What a passion for fashion

Straighteners that look good, perform better – well actually of course not, but there is a mind-boggling kind of thinking that we assume items will perform better if they look good.

Well lucky for the Karmin it’s a darn fine looking thang, with all that black and textured detailing. If I didn’t know better, I would say that this set of straighteners had been designed to look like one Karmin’s competitors who are famous for their amazing results. But that’s just me being a cynic (even though they do REALLY look like this brand of straightener from a distance). However, moving on from that, the Karmin G3 looks like a quality item with a sleek, classy facade and as it is touted as a salon professional piece of kit, it also looks the part. I’m happy. In fact I’m even tempted to put the box on display.

Send your hair to the dry cleaners

Well of course not literally, but you know when you send your favorite clothing to the dry cleaning store and it comes back looking even better than when it was new? Well this is what it was like for me when I took my hair to the Karmin G3 store, speaking metaphorically of course! My hair has been damaged from years of applying hair dye (I started coloring when I was 13), taking some serious medication and an admittedly poor diet (I’m a painfully fussy eater). Add to this the fact that it’s thick and straight, and even my preferred pair of ‘go-to’ straighteners can’t make my hair look amazing. So I was actually surprised at the results I got here. Karmin sell these straighteners as salon professional and they live up to the hype. Search other reviews and it’s a similar story, so surely we can’t all be wrong?

Hooray, Hooray, it’s a holi-, holiday

I’m no international jet setter, but I work hard and do like that iconic annual vacation. I’ve tried taking travel straighteners that, apart from taking about 30 minutes of hard work to get a result that means that you don’t need to wear a bag on your head, are a bit like playing Barbie in my 40’s. And I’ve horror of horrors, even tried to go without – that was the holiday where my hair was tied up in a ponytail EVERY day and EVERY night.

But I’ll tell you what I want (what I really, really want) is to be able to take my own, fully-functioning and all singing and dancing straighteners with me. Simple. That’s all I ask. And I don’t think it’s a big ask to look and feel nice when you’re on vacation. So the fact that the Karmin G3 has a dual voltage setting means more to me than some other features. And the other advantage of this that isn’t often mentioned is that straightener’s costs can vary the world over.

For example, buy the Karmin G3 in the UK and you’re it’s highly probable that you’ll pay a comparative fortune than you would in the U.S. Of course if you live in the US, this is great, but what if you want to treat your best friend since birth a pair and they don’t live in the U.S.? Yes, I know it’s not an everyday situation that we will all appreciate, but actually what it says to me also is that Karmin are a company that cares enough to want to keep their customers happy, wherever they are, and that to me also means they will want everything about the straightener to be bang on.

Locomotor Mortis!

Now let’s get down to the magic behind these great results. ‘Locomotor Mortis’ in the world of Harry Potter actually is a totally irrelevant to this article curse that locks the legs of your opponent, but the Karmin G3’s magic comes courtesy of firstly, the fact that they have tourmaline covered plates which balance out the negative and positive ions present in the hair, restoring it to a neutral state which allows it to be healthy naturally. And the micro-porous technology and infrared heat means that the hair retains its moisture and looks shiny, glossy, full of vitality, and all because it actually is.

With straighteners having a reputation for drying the hair out and creating heat damage, it seems like technological advances are reversing that school of thought well and truly. So in Harry Potter terms, the straighteners ‘Impervius!’ – they repel water and encourage moisture to stay in the hair where it belongs. ‘Repairo!’ will help to repair any former damage that’s been done to the hair. And last but not least, ‘Rictumsempra!’ – ahh, maybe not that one – it means to tickle the opponent…

So is the Karmin G3 worth the premium price point?

PROS – does what it says on the tin by creating a professional salon finish with relative ease, nice looking piece of kit that looks like a serious piece of kit with even the packaging having a superior look, helps to keep the hair in good condition without the drying out that is often associated with straightening.

CONS – There’s been a few reports of intermittent power issues with the model (this is an issue with many straightener brands), be aware that Karmin’s claims of the product causing no damage to the hair is maybe a bit too bold as all styling products can cause some damage even if it is minimal

But weighing everything up, the Karmin G3 has messed with my mind, as I’m now thinking these may be better than my favorite brand…decisions, decisions…

Infiniti Pro by Conair Flat Iron Review

“Cheap but cheerful”

Working on the idea that not all of us are multi-millionaires (me included), as well as the thought process that why pay extra money if you can get superior results at a fraction of the cost, then reviewing the Infiniti Pro was always going to be a very interesting process. Could you really get impressive results at such a relatively low price point?

The heat is on

Many straighteners are now determined to get instant heat quicker and quicker. Now very obviously the use of the word ‘instant’ gives a connotation that it is a finger-click of time, but in the world of marketing, instant is actually instant-ISH. But instant-ISH or not, the Infiniti Pro heat up remarkably quickly. We may be getting used to this with our straighteners nowadays to the extent that if we don’t have instant heat it may even seem peculiar, but as these are not a premium price point, it’s a much appreciated feature.

Even flow

Again, I’m going to bang on about the price so bear with me. Plates that give out even heat consistently make a huge difference to the finish of your hair. The look will be straighter noticeably as well as shinier and healthier. The Infiniti Pro’s tourmaline-coated plates prevent hot spots and ensure an even distribution of heat and I will admit that I felt it was superior in this respect than some other straighteners I have used at a much higher price point. Let’s be honest, a good pair of straighteners will ultimately be judged by how good your hair looks, and these very definitely delivered a result that I was proud to walk down the street with. Even heat distribution also helps when dealing with differing hair types such as fine, thick, curly and coarse (mine is thick) so this is turning out to be an all-round straightener for everyone.

Heat Shield PROTECTOR!

It all sounds very Marvel Comics, but the Heat Shield is a really nifty little addition here. In fact, I’d go so far to say that it would potentially influence my decision as to whether to buy the Infiniti Pro or whether to bin it in favor for a different straightener. Why? I do find one of the main negatives with straighteners is putting them down. They are hot – very hot. They are not the easiest of shapes to hide away neatly as they cool. I have tripped over the things on more than one occasion and I worry that then dog will sniff them and burn his nose, or tread on them and burn his paws. Yes I am a bit of worrier, but these things worry me.

The Infiniti Pro’s Heat Shield is hardly a huge scientific breakthrough, but more common sense! The plastic (obviously heat –proofed plastic) unit is a bit like a coat for the straightener. They slip it on after a hard day’s work (well few minutes in reality) and it keeps them all protected – but actually it’s the protecting of other surfaces that is more important here. Put the shield on the straightener and you can place it on a working surface, desk, dressing table, whatever within reason while the unit cools down. So more tripping over wires, no more worrying about the dog, cat, kids, and no more scorch marks that never, ever go. Sorted!

Free as a bird

There’s been much talk in the straightening world about floating plates. In my head it conjures up visions of freedom, peace, calm, tranquility, but the actual physical notion behind this when it comes to straighteners is that the plates can adapt to your hair thickness, type etc. and trap it in one place – so the heat is exactly where it needs to be – on the hair. It also means less slipping and increased grip. The idea sounds like it would be great but I personally have never really found a straightener with this technology that has made me think ‘Wow!’. The Infiniti Pro is sadly no different. The plates don’t always seem to do what they promise and I found this annoying when it happened, although it didn’t happen all the time. I guess this is proof of the old adage you get what you pay for.

Not at the top of the good-looks pile

Now I am fully aware that everybody has different tastes, but compare this to some of the more expensive brands in terms of its look and the price difference starts to show. The deep-red, pseudo burgundy look just reminds me of a board meeting where they were trying to think of a color that made the Infiniti Pro stand out from the crowd but wasn’t in your face, and this is the decision that was made. The color actually accentuates the cheaper quality in my opinion and makes it look a bit ‘tinny’. I do like the textured silver plate but because it is silver, it makes me think it is going to be really hot for some reason. Bizarre but true.

Pros and Cons?

PROS – effective results considering the lower price point, really good heat in a flash, heat shield PROTECTOR that PROTECTS!

CONS – cheaper looking straightener, floating plates aren’t always up to the job they are supposed to do

All-in-all, the Infiniti Pro straighteners deliver amazing results for the price, but – you may want to spend more if you want beyond amazing results.

HSI Professional Tourmaline Flat Iron Review

“Everything’s fine and dandy”


Straighteners and their reviews have a definite tendency to love thick and coarse hair – it’s a reviewer’s dream. Will the plates be big enough? Will it straighten in one go? Will that thick mass be transformed into poker straight hair? But what about those with thinner hair? Does everyone just assume their hair will straighten easily or just naturally be straight as a result of it being thin?

Slim Jim

Thinned hair people of the hair unite and shout ‘hoorah’! Here at last is a straightener that doesn’t just like thin hair, it LOVES it! Why? Well, it just kinda does – thin hair can get a bit ‘lost’ in straightening plates with a tendency to get caught or end up with a defined angular kink, but the HSI makes the job a breeze. It holds the hair so the heat can do its business, for want of a better expression, so the result is amazingly straight hair.

But as good as the HSI is for straight hair, it’s not such a superstar for the opposite. Yes, thick, coarse hair is straight…but not STRAIGHT. Well I suppose you can’t have everything in life.

Switch on, heat, WOW!

The gold standard that all straighteners seemingly try to achieve is instant heat. And when we mean instant, we are talking switch on and KAPPOW – Bang, bosh, ready to go! Many brands of straightener try to achieve this, yet many fail, and I’m even talking on the major big player brands too. The HSI heats in record time – it does – blink, look at your phone, shout the boyfriend, whatever you can do in a few seconds and by the time you’ve done it, the straighteners are hot, hot, hot. This is great news within the home environment, but also a real bonus for the professional hair stylist for whom time is money.

Ergonomically fab

Ergonomic is a word much banded about in marketing to a whole mixed bag of products. But here ergonomic is very important, as it means that using the straighteners is more comfortable. I don’t want to make it seem like using straighteners is a very hard job, but let’s be honest, it can be a little tricky as you are having to reach in order to get to the back of your head. We’ve all struggled to get the same results all over the hair as well as seen people who have obviously ‘missed a bit’. So the HSI’s ergonomic design IS important and IS appreciated. I am someone who does have dexterity issues so I know when a straightener is easier to use, and this one is. I especially love the texture on the straightener body that not only looks absolutely stunning in design, but also gives the hand grip when holding the irons. This gave me added confidence to really use the straighteners in a more rough and tumble way than I have with others and I even managed to flick and curl like a pro and that has not happened before. This was a huge plus point.

Temperature’s Rising

The HIS comes with adjustable temperature dial so you can control how hot you want things to get. I’m not always convinced of these things and they always make me think they are more of a marketing tactic than an actual advantage to the straightening process, but then my hair is thick so I always like things as hot as hot can be. The dial is a little flimsy and I was worried I would knock it in use as has happened with other straighteners but in all fairness to the HSI I actually didn’t.

And on the point of temperature, I feel I should mention that some users have reported inconsistent temperature on the plates (the ‘hot-spots’). This can cause a problem with inconsistent styling results and the fact styling takes longer as you have to go back over certain areas.

We all love a freebie

Now I’m a total sucker for something for nothing. In fact, a bit of a marketers dream as it can sway my ultimate purchasing decision. Mine came with a travel bag, heat glove and trial size of Argan Oil so all in all a really useful and relevant set of items to include. I’ve always thought a heat glove was pointless but in the interests of review fairness actually I used it and whether it helped protect my hand or not, what it did do is give me the confidence to use the straightener in a more ‘hard-core’ manner with no worries that I would singe my skin. It’s amazing how you can suddenly need something that you are convinced that you didn’t!

Of course the travel bag is a real bonus and the Argan Oil is ideal for straightening hair so thanks HSI.

Time for the PROS and CONS list.

PROS – Hoorah! At last a straightener that is the bees-knees for thinner hair, great little set of extra items that you will use and appreciate, ergonomic design is a real bonus as well as looking amazing

CONS – BOO! These straighteners are not as dynamic on thick, coarse hair, there is no auto shut-off facility, inconsistent heat has been reported on the plates

Weighing things up, the positives are so good that the negatives are worth putting to one side and if your hair is a bit on the thin side, give these a go!

Exact same model not available in the UK

CHI Air Expert Classic Review

“Stunning hair and stunning looks – The Chi is a model straightener.”

Chi – look up the word’s meaning and there are a multitude of definitions, but the feeling is definitely of a word with positive connotations.

And as Chi the hair company, or Cationic Hydration Interlink Technology as it is also known, that positivity is achieved courtesy of a long history of quality products as part of the larger Farouk brand. Cationic Hydration Interlink Technology adds to the hair’s strength as well as retaining and adding essential moisture, with the result being magnificent looking hair – result!

Chi have earned a reputation for excellence in all their products with many years of industry experience behind them, so it should go without saying that their hair straighteners will fit the category of superlative performance. But does the hype match the delivery?


Model looks

The Chi Pro 1” Ceramic Flat Iron immediately scores in terms of good looks. Whilst some people may not be motivated by color, for others a straightener that looks pretty is a key consideration. So with a contemporary and vibrant color choice of red, pink, aqua blue and purple as well as classic black, this may be the first thing that attracts you to the Chi. When you have a pair of straighteners that are as iconic as Chi’s are, a distinctive look means that others can easily recognise that when it comes to your purchasing choices, only the best will do. Vanity not only in how you look, but how your straighteners look also, shows that you take pride when it comes to appearance in every aspect.

But put appearance aside, and actually it is the Chi’s superior performance that will capture the heart.


CHI Air Expert Classic

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– Amazon –


Thick to slick

The plates are made from Tourmaline Ceramic, a superior choice that is known to eliminate frizz and static. Tourmaline’s negative ions counteract the positive ions present in dry and damaged hair, so sealing in the hair’s natural level of moisture as well as adding to it too. Having tourmaline present in your straightening irons improves the hair’s texture and makes it a whole lot easier to style. In terms of finish, this means that straightened hair will not just be just that – straight – but also have that finished salon look with no flyaway or kinks. Shine is always appreciated with the straightened hair look and the Chi delivers on this point, leaving your hair silky smooth and looking at its healthy best. Some straighteners struggle to flatten thicker hair, but the Chi is master at taking on even the toughest of challenges. Even heat distribution that actually does distribute heat evenly makes the job of straightening a relative breeze for even the most inept home hair stylists. Even hair that looks impossible to tame can be transformed to catwalk perfection, making choosing the CHI PRO AIR 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron an assured choice of purchase.

Lightweight but packs a heavyweight punch

But this doesn’t mean that you are getting a straightening iron the size of a clothing iron with the weight to match. The CHI PRO AIR 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron manages to be brilliant without needing to be a heavyweight in terms of holding the thing. This makes it ideal for everyone, and is a good contender for those with dexterity issues due to its size matched with performance. A longer than average cable means that reaching those hard to reach places is easier than you imagine – so no more sleek front and sides and a mass of tangle at the back. But the longer cable also means tangle of a different kind, with the cord being prone to twisting.

Quick, quick!

In a rush? The plate heats up mega-quickly, and combine this with the Chi’s ease of use and you can achieve your look quicker than when using competing straighteners. This is a fact that should not be ignored as choosing a straightener that delivers in a fraction of the usual time is a real bonus and can enhance your day and mood! Imagine pressing the snooze button on your alarm one more time, or having an extra cup of coffee, and the advantages start to add up.

Say no to auto

One negative has to be that unlike the equally popular GHD’s, there is no auto cut-off if you forget to turn the straighteners off. As unlikely as that may seem to happen, Chi are missing a trick here, even if it’s just because a competitor is giving customer’s something that Chi are not.

Curl girl

Of course, straighteners are now not just for straightening, as waves, kinks, waves, twists and more are all part of a good pair of straightener’s skill base. But whilst the Chi Pro Air may be your best friend when it comes to straight hair, it is not necessarily the best on the market for waves and curls. This is not particularly an issue with the performance of the Chi, as get the knack and again the Chi Pro Air will give you the curled hair of your dreams, but this is just because holding it when you’re curling can be a little dicey due to heat build-up on the exterior. This is not a major issue however, and as with all products you will get used to your own way of handling, but it is definitely worth a mention.

Weighing up the pros and cons, it seems that these are the most important considerations.

CONS – can be difficult to hold when curling, cord can tangle, no auto shut-off feature

PROS – straightens even the thickest hair, lightweight, hair condition enhanced with stunning results

Buying a pair of straighteners should always be a more considered purchase and the Chi offers supreme performance at a pleasing price point. The brand are known for their quality and this is a purchase that is set to deliver excellence for many years to come.


GHD V Gold Classic Styler Review

“Everything that glistens IS GOLD”

GHD – or Good Hair Days to give it its official long name, are THE aspirational brand of straighteners in the UK. GHD are the gold standard of hair straightening there, so with this pair being actually named gold in their title, surely these must be destined to exceed all straightening expectations?

Tangled – not Disney style

‘Tangled’ may be a hugely successful Disney film based on the fairy tale of Rapunzel, but when it comes to even the longest of locks with the GHD Gold stylers, tangling is not an use. Smoother plates mean that the hair is smoothed and de-tangled so any prince would want to rescue you from the tallest of towers. The term professional finish is one that is thrown about a lot when it comes to straight hair but the GHD undoubtedly delivers salon look hair. Ker-ching!


GHD V Gold Classic Styler

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Beach babe waves

Go to a salon, and the best stylists are now attached to their favourite pair of straighteners like a bee is to nectar. The days of using straightening irons just for the purposes of straightening are well and truly gone, and they are a versatile tool that creates stunning curls and waves. This is where the GHD Gold Styler starts to truly excel. Shaped plates have been designed to make any type of styling as stress free as possible and with the emphasis on a professional salon finish. I am happy to admit that I’m as amateur as it gets yet was quite impressed at my curling prowess with the GHD Gold. It is also worth mentioning that I curled at night, and was beach babe ready in the morning – no further styling needed. However they manage this, the curls are almost set in rock, something that I haven’t managed to achieve with other straighteners.

Hey, good-looking

I can’t go any further with the review without bringing in the GHD Gold’s looks. If less is more, and style is minimal, then these are a classy act. Matte black with an array of gloss circles, randomly placed, and just the right amount of gold, is perfection for me. These are not cheap straighteners, so if I’m spending my hard earned cash on them, I want them to look A-MAZING. These do. They really do. GHHD are such an iconic brand that you may well want to leave them out so others admire your exquisite taste, and when your straighteners look this good, it’s almost a shame to put them away. But that seamlessly leads me on to the next point.

Plate it up – now!

Plates – a bit like when we’re on a diet, the size of your plate and what you put on it helps. GHD Gold is all about the ceramic plate, known to produce superlative results. I’ve already talked about them being smooth which increases shine and minimizes tangle, and I’ve raved about the contours that enable you to easily achievable a whole host of contemporary styles, so why oh why do I need yet another section dedicated to the plate?

Well the reason is simple – heat…quickly. We all could do with gaining a few extra minutes or even seconds in the day so the fact that these heat up in a flash is a real plus point. As instant as it gets, once you’ve switched them on, it’s hardly worth moving away as you will hear the tell-tale ‘I’m ready!’ beep by the time you’ve turned away. And I do mean heat that is effective. There’s no point straighteners heating up quickly if they still need a little longer to actually straighten well. These are ready to use, straighten and go – genius!

Health and safety executives not needed

Straighteners have come in for a fair bit of criticism when it comes to both health and safety over the years. Tales of burnt ears and necks needing hospital admissions as well as stories about appliances overheating are not just the stuff of folk-lore. But the technology has come a long way and the GHD Gold Stylers are a great example of just how far.

The body of the styler is lighter and cooler than ever before. Not only does this mean easier styling, but also less strain on the arms, hands, neck etc and less risk of burn.

And there is an auto shut-off after 30 minutes, meaning that however forgetful you are, it doesn’t really matter, although this is never a guarantee of course.

Another feature I hadn’t seen before on any other make is the plate guard that means you can put the straighteners away straight after use. To be honest, as fab as this seems, I’m a little wary and would still be tempted to leave them out to cool, but the facility exists for those a little less paranoid than myself.

But with me raving about so many positives and so few negatives, in the fairness of balance, he’s a summary of major pros with a selection of cons.
PROS –GHD s have an amazing reputation and come with a 2 year guarantee, results are so good professionals don’t hesitate to use them for straightening as well as waves/curls, plate guards are a nifty feature despite the fact that they would panic me
CONS – errrr, errmmmmm, lack of manual temperature control and no temperature display
You’ve guessed it, I am a GHD fan and the GHD Gold Stylers have done nothing to make me think that my loyalty is misplaced. These are impressive and will deliver – there’s not much more I can say!


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