BaByliss Pro Wet-To-Dry Nano Review

“Babyliss Pro Wet-To-Dry Nano is a bit of a Nan-oh..”

You know when you read the name of a product and think ‘wow – that is JUST what I’m looking for!’? Such were my feelings when I saw these straighteners, which combined a very well-known and reliable brand with the ability to straighten wet hair, something I’ve dreamt about but never thought I’d achieve. But with that dream of wet-to-dry close to becoming a reality, do these actually deliver what they so boldly state?

Sizzle without the sizzle

For me, the idea that you can straighten wet hair straight from towel drying would be A-MAZING. So often I have craved for this technology but never thought the day would come. I am an incredibly hard-working woman (blush) and work very erratic hours, so I could be washing my hair at 6 a.m. or at 10 p.m. depending. Whether it’s washing before work, or washing before bedtime, I would love to cut out the hair drying stage and go straight to straightener. It would save at least 10 minutes a day which is a huge amount of time in my hectic world, and I believe that it would help my thick, damaged mop of hair to straighten better as in theory, my hair would already be flatter if it was wet.

Now a hugely important thing to mention is that despite the name, Babyliss clearly don’t expect you to try to use these on dripping wet hair. Apart from the risk of electrocution, it would just be silly. However, and pardon me for going over the top a bit, for me this means don’t say wet hair in the title. I say about going over the top as I have a background in autism and I am aware that certain people can take things very literally. If it says wet, then not everybody would make the assumption that it meant damp. Yes, wet-to-dry sounds a whole heap better than ‘damp-to-dry’ but maybe Babyliss should have a rethink – in my humble opinion.

But the main thing is does it work. Well, er, ish…

I was terrified to have my hair anything other than slightly damp as I have frazzled my hair with that tell-tale sizzle sound when I tried to cut corners this way with a straightening iron that you shouldn’t do this with. So on damp-to-dry hair, it kinda worked. I say kinda as it straightened really well – really well – but after about an hour it became a little fly away again, a bit like it had now totally dried out so needed one more iron. Now I may have panicked and may have rushed a little. In a salon, this may save time and give incredible results but I would always make sure that the hair was totally 100% dry before assuming you’re finished. But you live and learn…

Back to basics

I’m a lover of straighteners that look the business. For me less is more, and colour doesn’t do it for me. Now I like the blue, if it was a nail varnish, but I don’t really like it on my straighteners. It looks a little cheap and forced, a little like in Babyliss HQ they just wanted to find something different and decided on ice maiden blue. It’s quite a cold color, and it makes me think that the unit will be cold when I pick it up, so it’s a good job that the unit isn’t prone to getting too hot to handle. BaByliss Pro Wet-To-Dry Nano

The unit is lightweight and I do like that. I’ve said it before but will say it again – I have issues with dexterity so a straightener that is easy to handle is a huge bonus for me. I get better results and don’t feel out of breath after my attempts to straighten those hard to reach areas. But….lightweight here looks a little cheap, thin and flimsy.

Quick March!

Technology marches on at an amazingly fast rate in the world of straightening irons, and the BaByliss Pro Wet-To-Dry Nano has an impressive list of innovations here. Spring loaded floating plates are designed to ensure that the hair stays in place better so that the heat gets to the hair evenly and produces a superior look. Nano Titanium plates conduct the heat in a way that provides a high heat but also helps to protect the hair at the same time. The hair’s natural moisture is locked in, the hair is kept at its optimum for a result that is shiny, sleek and healthy. Straightening time is less so there is minimal resultant damage. Ceramic technology means that plates heat up very quickly and maintain that temperature. And last but not least “The Ryton Housing Has An Outstanding Resistance To A Wide Variety Of Aggressive Chemicals And Can Withstand High Temperatures For Long Periods Of Time”.

Put this all in simple terms, and the Babyliss is designed to deliver a superior look, whether you are straightening or curling, and does so whilst keeping the hair in the best condition possible.

Do I think Babyliss achieve this with the BaByliss Pro Wet-To-Dry Nano? The answer is actually yes – I liked my hair after, but I am not convinced that I LOVED it.

Here are the PROS and CONS

PROS – If you can straighten the hair effectively from damp it would be a huge bonus to my life where minutes matter, the technology is impressive

CONS – You cannot straighten from wet, just damp, the unit is a little cheap looking, and I’m not convinced that the results are amazing
I’m finishing the review a little down-hearted. In fairness to Babyliss, in order to make this a realistic view I straightened my hair when it was damp and I imagine that had my hair been dry, the results would have been fantastic. But then it is advertised as wet-to-dry so it needs to deliver on that main selling point. For me it just didn’t.

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