Hot Tools Pink Titanium Digital Salon Review

“Hot Pink Straighteners to make you blush”

What is it about buying a pair of straighteners that makes it such a mammoth task? The search to find the holy grail of straightening perfection is seemingly one that is set to last for ever…..or is it?

“You shoot me down but I won’t fall – I am Titanium”

So Sia and David Guetta got themselves a huge hit record along with the royalties that go with it, but is Titanium such a hit when it comes to straightening plates? Glide was pretty even and there was no snagging or tell-tale flyaway due to inconsistent heat patches, so on this point alone the PINKTITANIUM is a winner. My hair can show split ends and ‘flare-out’ even after straightening, but with these my hair still had the desired straightened look at the end of the day. Shine was also enhanced, again quite an achievement as my hair can dry out and start to resemble a hay bale.

“I got the right temperature to shelter you from the storm”

Sean Paul thought he had the temperature right, but has the PINKTITANIUM got it licked? With heat settings going up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, these straighteners have a fair bit of power behind them, but where they perhaps have the advantage over others is that the digital display allows you to see exactly what temperature you’re at. But as great as this is, it’s fair to say it is hard to actually trust what it says. Yes, I’m a little paranoid, but it does seem like a bit of a gimmick to give it the edge over competing irons. In reality, a switch that says low, medium and high will give you the same straightening results. But if I’m to be honest I was sucked right in and loved being able to not only read the temperature in all its LED glory, but also to be able to adjust it. It felt like I was in control of my hair straightening destiny, and it’s a feeling I kinda liked. Be aware that whilst you can lock the temperature in place (I know – amazing!), it is also easy to accidentally knock it off. You have been warned!

“Six foot, seven foot, eight foot, BUNCH! (Daylight come and he wan’ go home)”

The ‘Banana Boat Song’ may be very traditional, but the length of that cord is definitely of the moment, with the current trend being for longer cords that give you the flexibility to get to all those awkward head spaces with ease, as well as having an appeal to professional hair stylists who need to maneuver around a styling chair. Unlike some other competing straighteners with lengthy cords, this one didn’t get itself in a tangle and this was a real bonus.

“You are beautiful, no matter what they say, Words can’t bring you down”

I agree with Christina Aguilera’s sentiments I really do, but I’m struggling. This is a bit of a contentious issue if, like me, you like your possessions to have a classy look, but these just aren’t doing it for me looks wise. The metallic pink strip, button and branding are great if you’re Barbie, but not everyone born of the feminine gender loves pink. Furthermore, as far as I’m aware, straightening irons can be used by men also. But then that’s just my personal opinion. And I have to say it, that ‘HOT’ button branding is just ‘NOT HOT’ for my taste. It’s just a little tacky and cheap but don’t let this deter you from buying a straightener that really works!

“Whoah, the girl I love, she got long black wavy hair, I do declare!”

Led Zeppelin talked about the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ as well as the lyrics above, and when it comes to curls and waves, the PINKTITANIUM is a real performer. The rounded edges to the plates mean that it has the flick licked, whether you like it flicked under, or flicked out. Many straighteners struggle to perfect poker straight straightening, wavy waves and curly curls, but not this pair of straightening irons. This is one of the most overwhelming positives of the PINKTITANIUM and if you are looking for versatility when it comes to different hair styling options, then you may well have arrived at the end point of your search.

“Oh it’s a Safety Dance, Well it’s a Safety Dance”

Very reassuring is the fact that it has an auto shut-off feature…after 10 hours…

So the dog has heat exhaustion, your bedroom wallpaper is blackened and there’s a charcoaled outline of the straighteners in your carpet…then they turn off. Really? It seems like a misprint, but in the spirit of turning a negative into a positive, I assume that such a claim could only be made if the manufacturer was mega confident that their product would NEVER overheat. That makes these straighteners mega safe – sorted!

So to summarize, here’s the main PROs and main CONS.

PROS: Versatile as good at straightening and curling, impressive cord, Titanium plates rock

CONS: Record-breaking auto-shut off time of 10 hours, cheaper looking, temperature controls easily knocked.
So would these straighteners make you blush with pride or out of shame? Well on balance they’re good – very good. I have a real issue with the look but the world would be a sad place if we all liked the same thing so as performance is really where it’s at, these are definitely a pair of straighteners that are worth purchasing.

Sorry this model is not available in the UK.