GHD Platinum Styler Review

“The platinum standard”

We all know the marketing hype now – anything labeled gold is THE BEST, nothing can be better! But then something better does come along. No need to panic, as there’s still platinum! Yes, luckily for products everywhere, platinum is now hugely popular in the jewelery world, and offers a step above the former ultimate goal, gold.

So if the GHD gold stylers were ACE, are the platinum ones that much better again?

Lengthy process

There was a time when an 8ft cord on a straightener was almost unthinkable. Surely it was too long? Others thought all their straightening dreams had come true, and when it comes to use in a professional salon, 8ft was a huge advantage as you could straighten, flick and curl AND get round the client’s head and chair at the same time – WOOHOO!

So hold your breath – the GHD Platinum styler comes with a mahoosive 9ft cord! And it swivels! This makes styling so much easier and you feel a master of styling control, even as an amateur. I doubt cords could get longer than this without becoming a major trip hazard or strangulation risk, but 9ft feels like perfection so straightening companies take note – forget cord length envy and stop at 9ft.

Make a wish

Now as a child, getting the wishbone out of a cooked chicken was a moment of great excitement – if I got the best bit of the bone would I be rich, marry a prince, be famous? Of course, if straighteners had been invented way back then, I would have wished for GHDs with a wishbone hinge. The difference this one seemingly innocent improvement makes feels huge – plates feel and are perfectly aligned and the hair just never snags. This means perfect results at the first time of asking and definitely feels like a GHD upgrade. Even when curling, there’s no slipping these straighteners so you get the curl or wave you want with seemingly little effort.

The GHD lullaby

‘Go to sleep, my little straighteners, go to sleep my beautiful straighteners….’. No, I haven’t lost the plot – yet – but the lullaby use is all to demonstrate the GHD platinum’s sleep mode. So if the straighteners aren’t used for a while, they have a little snooze, but then are ready to spring back into immediate action when lifted again. And if you have a total brain block and leave the room or house with no intention of an imminent return, they also have an auto shut off facility after 30 minutes. Unlike some other straightening units that promise similar, GHD’s superlative reputation means that I absolutely 110% trust the technology.

1, 2, 3 – easy as a,b,c

OK, well for the Jackson 5 it was the alphabet first, but the snappy sub heading is actually all about the tri-zone technology. Yes it sounds super jazzy and as a marketing ploy will have committed GHD fans along with potential converts drooling, but of course words are just words if they subsequently don’t deliver. What it actually refers to is the 3 sensors in each plate that ensure an optimum styling temperature without damaging the hair. The idea in essence is that instead of just preventing style and heat damage to the hair, the technology actually actively protects the hair and helps improve its condition. Adding shine, minimising frizz and flyaway means you get salon look hair and I was definitely impressed. My hair can look a little dull and damaged but the GHD platinum improved its look for sure.

Too hot to handle?

To get great results, straightening irons need to be hot. There’s no way getting round that fact – it has to be. With so many tales of woe, burnt hands, heads, arms, carpets etc, anything that minimises the potential for injury as far from being a gimmick.

Firstly, the GHD Platinum Styler has a plate guard that means if it’s placed on a surface when on, the surface is protected. Phew!

We’ve already mentioned the sleep mode and auto switch off but there’s also the cool, aerogel insulation on the outer body that means handling is comfy without fear of burn. This helps you feel confident when holding and styling and so produces better results.

Beauty but not the Beast

GHD are an iconic brand and are easily recognizable. Each new version that comes out uses the same design looks but with a minimal twist so that it is both recognizable but different, if that makes sense!

The GHD Platinum Styler oozes quality and sophistication and shows other people who see your choice that you are not willing to compromise on superior styling results. These truly look like a professional piece of kit and that undoubtedly adds to the GHDs appeal.
Again, I have reviewed GHDs and find myself struggling to find negatives. Will any appear in my PROS and CONS list?
PROS – 9 foot swivel cord is a real advantage and feels like styling freedom, wishbone hinge is ingenious and effective, overall look is a real touch of class
CONS – literally NONE!
Yes, there you have it, I actually cannot think of any single negative. Can these be improved upon? At the moment, no, but I am absolutely aware that some new technology will hit the market and knock us sideways as that’s what technological advancements are designed to do.

But until that day, these are A-MAZING.Simple.

Available in Black or White