HSI Professional Tourmaline Flat Iron Review

“Everything’s fine and dandy”


Straighteners and their reviews have a definite tendency to love thick and coarse hair – it’s a reviewer’s dream. Will the plates be big enough? Will it straighten in one go? Will that thick mass be transformed into poker straight hair? But what about those with thinner hair? Does everyone just assume their hair will straighten easily or just naturally be straight as a result of it being thin?

Slim Jim

Thinned hair people of the hair unite and shout ‘hoorah’! Here at last is a straightener that doesn’t just like thin hair, it LOVES it! Why? Well, it just kinda does – thin hair can get a bit ‘lost’ in straightening plates with a tendency to get caught or end up with a defined angular kink, but the HSI makes the job a breeze. It holds the hair so the heat can do its business, for want of a better expression, so the result is amazingly straight hair.

But as good as the HSI is for straight hair, it’s not such a superstar for the opposite. Yes, thick, coarse hair is straight…but not STRAIGHT. Well I suppose you can’t have everything in life.

Switch on, heat, WOW!

The gold standard that all straighteners seemingly try to achieve is instant heat. And when we mean instant, we are talking switch on and KAPPOW – Bang, bosh, ready to go! Many brands of straightener try to achieve this, yet many fail, and I’m even talking on the major big player brands too. The HSI heats in record time – it does – blink, look at your phone, shout the boyfriend, whatever you can do in a few seconds and by the time you’ve done it, the straighteners are hot, hot, hot. This is great news within the home environment, but also a real bonus for the professional hair stylist for whom time is money.

Ergonomically fab

Ergonomic is a word much banded about in marketing to a whole mixed bag of products. But here ergonomic is very important, as it means that using the straighteners is more comfortable. I don’t want to make it seem like using straighteners is a very hard job, but let’s be honest, it can be a little tricky as you are having to reach in order to get to the back of your head. We’ve all struggled to get the same results all over the hair as well as seen people who have obviously ‘missed a bit’. So the HSI’s ergonomic design IS important and IS appreciated. I am someone who does have dexterity issues so I know when a straightener is easier to use, and this one is. I especially love the texture on the straightener body that not only looks absolutely stunning in design, but also gives the hand grip when holding the irons. This gave me added confidence to really use the straighteners in a more rough and tumble way than I have with others and I even managed to flick and curl like a pro and that has not happened before. This was a huge plus point.

Temperature’s Rising

The HIS comes with adjustable temperature dial so you can control how hot you want things to get. I’m not always convinced of these things and they always make me think they are more of a marketing tactic than an actual advantage to the straightening process, but then my hair is thick so I always like things as hot as hot can be. The dial is a little flimsy and I was worried I would knock it in use as has happened with other straighteners but in all fairness to the HSI I actually didn’t.

And on the point of temperature, I feel I should mention that some users have reported inconsistent temperature on the plates (the ‘hot-spots’). This can cause a problem with inconsistent styling results and the fact styling takes longer as you have to go back over certain areas.

We all love a freebie

Now I’m a total sucker for something for nothing. In fact, a bit of a marketers dream as it can sway my ultimate purchasing decision. Mine came with a travel bag, heat glove and trial size of Argan Oil so all in all a really useful and relevant set of items to include. I’ve always thought a heat glove was pointless but in the interests of review fairness actually I used it and whether it helped protect my hand or not, what it did do is give me the confidence to use the straightener in a more ‘hard-core’ manner with no worries that I would singe my skin. It’s amazing how you can suddenly need something that you are convinced that you didn’t!

Of course the travel bag is a real bonus and the Argan Oil is ideal for straightening hair so thanks HSI.

Time for the PROS and CONS list.

PROS – Hoorah! At last a straightener that is the bees-knees for thinner hair, great little set of extra items that you will use and appreciate, ergonomic design is a real bonus as well as looking amazing

CONS – BOO! These straighteners are not as dynamic on thick, coarse hair, there is no auto shut-off facility, inconsistent heat has been reported on the plates

Weighing things up, the positives are so good that the negatives are worth putting to one side and if your hair is a bit on the thin side, give these a go!

Exact same model not available in the UK