Solia Tourmaline Ion Flat Iron Review

“Color by numbers”

Think back to your childhood days – using a pencil to do dot to dot, spending hours on jigsaw puzzles only to find 1 piece missing, making Lego bricks into very random looking houses and of course, the simple but very effective and enjoyable pastime of coloring in. As a child, bright colors go a long way in terms of stimulating the senses, and as there’s no rule that says it can’t be the same when you’re an adult, is it time to ditch the black and silver and go bold and vibrant with the Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron?

A tour of the tourmaline

In terms of plates on straightening irons, tourmaline is definitely the new kid on the block. Full of ions that counteract the negative elements of the hair’s structure, the science is proving to be a success in terms of great-looking hair. If like me you like to break the rules, you will love the Solia Tourmaline flat iron. It’s time for tourmaline to have its own fashion makeover as if your choice of the purchase is the black pair of irons, the plate comes in a wondrous electric blue.

Yes, I know it’s all about performance, but I’m loving this attention to detail. And talking of performance, panic not, as the tourmaline plates are a one-pass wonder. Honestly, with one pass, my hair was straight, shiny, and looked full of health. Ta da! This is a really impressive result and I would go so far as to say superior compared to the result I have had with some other straightening irons. Could it be that intelligence and good looks can come in the same package?

A real rollercoaster of heat options

Having variable heat controls that actually deliver significantly different variants is one of the most sought-after features with a straightening iron. Just as thicker hair craves the extreme heat of the mid-400s, thinner hair would run away and hide from anything other than a temperature in the mid-300s or lower. The Solia Tourmaline flat iron has an admirable heat control that gives real options for real hair. This is a straightening iron that wants to please and wants to be everyone’s styling best pal.

On my thick, drier and damaged hair, I felt confident that the higher heat wasn’t going to result in increased damage. This gave me the confidence to style away to my heart’s content.

Handy handling

I like my straighteners to make life easy for me in every way. This means that I like them to be easy to hold as this means it is easy to style. Many straightening irons forfeit ergonomic structure over straightening capability, but I’m a firm believer that the two should go hand in hand. It may be that as I am someone with dexterity issues I take the issue of easy handling a bit too seriously but, whether I’m on a bit of a personal campaign or not, I think that if you can hold your straighteners in a good position, then you should be able to straighten, flick and curl like a salon professional.

The Solia Tourmaline flat iron also has beveled edges. As well as sounding pretty impressive, the idea here is that functionality is improved. Don’t be tempted to see this as a minor feature, as you will certainly see a positive difference if you come to use them yourself. The shape just fits your hand like a glove and the process has obviously had some thought into it and I like that. Thanks Solia!

I can sing a rainbow

Anything that spreads a little happiness in the world is fine by me and when colors are as bright and cheery as these, smiles can’t help but follow. As well as the sort of expected black, although this is styled so well that even that looks amazing, the straightener also comes in pink, purple and red. The colors are not metallic but nicely bold and vivid so manage to get the right balance of contemporary but eye-catching. It’s a real wow from me and I actually would be ecstatically happy with any one of the color choices.

DAS what?

D.A.S, or in other words Dynamic Alignment System, is a new one on me but I absolutely see the logic. The idea is that the plates close together in perfect harmony. This means the hair is kept in the absolute optimum position for styling and your result will be more even and straight. As much as I like my straightening irons to be the proud owners of fancy sounding features, my only issue with this is that surely ALL straightening irons should have plates that close exactly? Does it really need to have fancy sounding words for something that in reality should be standard? I’m not so sure that the Dynamic Alignment System is as impressive as Solia hope it will sound, but this doesn’t detract from the straightener’s solid performance so I’ll move on to the PROs and CONs.

On to the PROs and CONs.

PROS – gorgeous looking straightening irons that come in a selection of colors that combine the contemporary look with class, superior straightening results with impressive variable temperature control, straightening irons that are really comfortable to handle without needing to sell themselves as ergonomic

CONS – Dynamic Alignment System seems less of an impressive feature and more of a standard feature that has been worded to sound better than it is. Is it just a bit of a marketing ploy?

As you can clearly tell from the positives versus the negatives, there is little about the Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron to really dislike. I am totally won over by how these look but I do believe that the performance is more than a match for the wow from the bright colors. If you are looking for a straightener that is an all-round winner, then it’s time to consider whether you should have the Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron in your life.

Sorry, not available on Amazon UK or CA