Bio Ionic Onepass Review

“The OnePass passes the test first time!”

Oh what joy when you get a straightener that doesn’t just have a name that makes it ideal for review puns, but also seems to deliver on all the extravagant promises made in the marketing blurb.
Acclaimed as the straightener of the future, or at the very least the straightener of the present, will the OnePass pass the testing process?

Blinded by science

Now I’m all for long, interesting sounding words that make a product sound exciting, but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, actually all that matters is that the darn thing does what it says it will. So whilst ‘Nanolonic Mineral Cushion plates’ and ‘Silicone Speed Strips’ sound amazing, do they actually make a huge difference to the way your hair looks?

The Nanolonic Mineral Cushion Plates deliver what a lot of other straightening irons do nowadays – they balance the negative and positive ions in the hair make-up out, so encouraging the hair to do exactly what nature intended it to. The resultant optimum state means that hair is naturally moist, less frizzy and more healthy-looking, and that’s before the straightening irons actually do what they are employed to do. So add to this an enviable sleekness, sheen and shine, and it is clear to see why these straightening irons are attracting such positive reviews.

The Silicone Speed Strips take alliteration to a whole new level and apart from being marketing genius, are designed to cut the straightening process in half – yes, in half. I pretty much agree, although it is hard to make it a concrete fact as we all do things different, want differing results, have different textures and thicknesses of hair etc. But I see the point.


Turn up the heat

And staying with the theme of speed, the OnePass has a hugely impressive 5 second heat up. No more switching it on and taking a quick trip to the bathroom, this bad boy has no time to hang around – it has a job to do! Again, I pretty much agree that the heat is instant, but personally, I still think optimum results come from patience, but maybe I’m just stuck in my ways.

There is also a temperature control lock. This may sound like something you would never, ever use, but many straighteners designs mean that the temperature can be easily knocked, meaning zero to frazzled hair in the blink of an eye – not good.


Hold your breath, it’s coming…..YES, here is a straightener that can almost, and I mean almost, straighten up to the roots without frying your skull. This is due to cleverly designed rounded end plates. I don’t think straighteners will ever get right up to the top due to the possibility of a costly trip to the emergency room, but we are nearly there!

A skipping rope of a cord

Whilst the trend in straightener reviews is to bemoan the longer length cord due to its twistability, tangledom and whip marks to the arms, actually this cord minimises all of those annoyances yet is longer. It may sound a bit like a riddle, but it is actually fact. A whole 9ft of cord means you can straighten your hair AND dance the Lambada at the same time, or better still, have the ability to see the back of your hair in a mirror without fear of strangulation. Result! By the way, please don’t be tempted to use your straighteners cord as a skipping rope….seriously don’t!

Here’s looking at you, blue

I’m a firm believer in investing in items that as well as performing brilliantly, look the part also. The Bio Ionic OnePass Irons look every piece worthy of their higher than average price tag, with a sleekness of design combined with an entrancing blue set of plates. The look is definitely quality, and the feel is as heavy as you would expect. If I had to go to a negative, the weight may feel too heavy for some, especially those with dexterity issues, and despite the weight, there have been reports of the straighteners being dropped and cracking, indicating that the exterior maybe looks better than it is in reality.

One-stop shop

Intentionally last and certainly not least is the claim that ‘one-pass’ is all it takes for superior straightening results. I like the claim. I do. I really do. But. The trouble with claims is that one size doesn’t fit all. In other words, you may not be an expert hair styler, your hair may have curls and ridges or layers, and so you may buy these and be disappointed if what it says then doesn’t happen for you. Very definitely, they glide smoothly through, impressively so, and the first time results were deeply gratifying, but just be aware that companies make statements in order to sell, and that doesn’t make the claims fact.
It seems like there’s a whole lot of positives here and relatively few negatives, so let me summarize what are the main pros and cons in my opinion.
PROS – love the contemporary, quality look of these straighteners’

The longer cord is a useful feature and not a nuisance

The plates get as close as is safe to the roots
CONS – The hype is maybe hard to live up to.

It is hard to get best results first time as it says
And actually that is it – I am struggling to find another negative.

I’m not saying that the Bio Ionic OnePass Iron is the best set of straighteners ever, but they are pretty darn close at this time.