Onei MK-I Halo Flat Iron Review

“Carnival time if you are a ‘Brazilian’”

2018 Update, this model is no longer available!!

The Onei MK-I Halo Ceramic Flat Iron is different than the majority of other straightening iron reviews I have done as it is actually states that it is for use on hair that has had the Brazilian Keratin treatment done on it. Now for those of you who are not regular salon goers or are simply not aware, the Brazilian Keratin treatment is a bit like a perm in reverse – in other words it makes hair straight for a period of around 3 months.

Unlike other treatments that rely on chemicals to change the hair’s structure, The ‘Brazilian Blowout’ uses keratin to restore the hair to a state of health, shine and vitality which naturally looks straighter. Easy to manage and with frizz minimized, hair is soft, frizz-free, manageable and just like you’ve stepped out of the salon.

So with this fantastic treatment seemingly answering everyone’s straightening prayers, why should we need the Onei MK-I Halo Ceramic Flat Iron too?

The heat is on

Straighteners that heat up quick are a big plus for me – I’m a bit manic in my life, and work to the ethos that if you are awake and breathing, then use that time effectively. There is a whole psychological back-drop to why I am the way I am and I won’t waste the review space boring you with it, but suffice to say that I don’t want to waste any amount of time waiting for my straightening irons to heat up – it’s irritating at least, and while I’m tapping my fingers on the dressing table waiting for the straightener heat to crank up, I could have emptied the dishwasher.

The Onei MK-I Halo Ceramic Flat Iron gets rid of the problem for me and nowadays I think this kind of heating up time should be a standard feature. It is that important.

How low can you go?

Much is made of high heat when it comes to straighteners but not so much about low heat. If your hair is fine or prone to snapping, low heat can be a real bonus. The Onei MK-I Halo Ceramic Flat Iron goes as low as 140 degrees and this may well be how it earns its reputation as being a good straightener for the Brazilian treatment.

I’m no hair expert (just someone who wants my hair to look as if it’s been styled daily by an expert) but I’m thinking that a hair treatment that restores health, shine and vitality does not then want to be dried out by high heat, as well as hair that has had a straightening effect treatment would not need as much heat to get a good effect as you would on curly hair – simple. But any way you look at it, low heat is a much appreciated extra, although no good for my frizzy, thick mop.

As pretty as a picture

As I keep saying, and I’m sorry if I get boring, I like my straighteners to look nice. My reasoning behind this is as you need to leave your straightening irons out after use to cool, they do end up being ‘part of the furniture’ and adding to the décor. So as such, it is great if they look as if they are part of your bedroom ‘vibe’.

The Onei MK-I Halo Ceramic Flat Iron comes in a white-silver that manages to maintain the professional look despite not being matte black, although it hedges its bets a bit by having some black on the top too, but this is for grip and to prevent burning hands. I really love the different look as Onei haven’t decided to go all bling and choose metallic pink or purple to make them stand out.

Digitise your life

What also adds to the look is the side digital display although, of course, this is far more than a pretty addition. The heat controls being near it make it really easy to adjust as you are styling. This is reassuring as if I feel things are getting a little heated I want action to be taken straight away, not a few seconds later when my hair has been frazzled. I feel it is important to also say that the controls were easy for me to use. I have dexterity issues so this was a much appreciated design feature and made me fall in love with the Onei MK-I Halo Ceramic Flat Iron just that little bit more.

Last but totally not least

So I’ve gone on about a few nifty features but what about the actual results? I’ve considered having a Brazilian blowout but haven’t due to the ongoing cost and actually more so, finding the time. So I am looking at the Onei MK-I Halo Ceramic Flat Iron as an ongoing straightener just as any other. Firstly, the plates went through my hair very smoothly. This is a plus point by itself, but actually the results made me smile too. I actually got great looking hair at 400 degrees where as I normally need 450. For me this is a positive as I am getting superior results without being at the maximum temperature so in theory I still have a bit of heat leeway. However, this could also suggest that the straighteners heat is a bit higher than the display suggests so it’s a bit of a ‘styler beware’ warning too.

So to PROS and CONS

PROS – The low heat may not work on my thick hair but for others it is great to at last have an option that minimizes hair damage, very quick heat up time and I love the heat control position on the straightening irons, nice looking stylers that don’t go down the usual matte black or metallic bling route.
CONS – the heat seems to be a little high for the stated temperature, these are an expensive straightening iron
Looking at cost as a con, I actually do feel they are worth the higher than average price tag, but looking around the internet, and currently it is easy to get these at a much discounted cost. This makes them extremely brilliant value for money!

Sorry this model no longer available