ISA Tourmaline Professional Flat Iron Review

“Professional does it for more every time”

I admit I’m a bit of a sucker for marketing hype. I am also prone to taking things fairly literally. So if a straightener is happy to state that it is professional in the title, then I am drawn in to expecting that it will produce styling results that are pretty impressive. I know I’m not even remotely up to calling myself as good as a trained professional, but I would hope that the straightening irons would help me to achieve a look that’s superior to that obtained with a straightener that doesn’t have professional in the title. So after that jumble of words, it’s down to the nitty-gritty – does the ISA Professional Digital LCD Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener deserve its name?

“Red – a world about to dawn! Black – the night that ends at last!”

OK, I’ve gone for lyrics from the musical ‘Les Misérables’ here but with very good reason, as there’s definitely nothing ‘miserable’ about the look of the ISA Professional Digital LCD Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener.

My ‘go-to’ brand of straighteners come in matte black and in my head, my vision of the perfect professional pair of straighteners has that look or similar. Go to a salon and rarely do the stylists have luminous pink metallic ones, my theory being that if a pair of straightening irons are amazing, they don’t need fancy colors to do the talking. In fact, turn that idea on its head, and if straighteners have gone over the top on their looks, then I even start to think that they have something to hide.

The ISA Professional Digital LCD Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener are one of the best looking on the market. I absolutely love them. Yes, my preferred ‘professional’ matte black look is there but it is interspersed with adorable red sections, and I do mean adorable. Even the plates are rocking the look – wow! As well as this stunning appearance, these were also a bit of an ergonomic hit, too. Due to dexterity issues, I need a straightener that wills me to hold it just as the manufacturer intended, and the ISA Professional Flat Iron Straightener does just that.

Shape, rattle and roll

The ISA Professional Digital LCD Ceramic Flat Iron has a shape that has clearly been well thought through – I have visions of team huddles, boardroom meetings and working lunches, seriously. It just seems to be the perfect size whichever way you’re looking at it. Not only does this help to produce superlative straightening results, but for the first time in a long while, I could flick and curl and produce results I was happy to leave the house with. This was very definitely down to the fact that the ISA Professional Ceramic Flat Iron has the rare ability to be suited for use by both left and right-handed people. With my dexterity issues, this was a dream scenario. Add to this a long swivel cord, and for the first time since childhood I was playing professional hair stylist.

Ceramic dramatic

Handsome though these straightening irons are, it’s all much ado about nothing if my hair ends up looking like I’ve delved into a trash can. Ceramic has long been the preferred straightener plate option and it definitely delivers here. It may sound an odd thing to say, but the plates are actually fully ceramic – we’re not talking ceramic-coated, ceramic-infused, ceramic-sprinkled here – and I think it is this that meant that my mass of thick and color-damaged hair was transformed once again into my crowning glory. Well OK, I admit, maybe not the desired just-walked-out-of-the-salon look, but hand on heart I was truly chuffed at the result. The plates glided through my hair with ease, with minimal passes necessary – I call that a good result! But in case that isn’t enough for you in a straightening iron, does the ISA Professional Digital LCD Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener comes with any nifty little extras?

Lock it or lose it

You know when you get your straighteners to that optimum temperature but then accidentally nudge the button and it’s back to square one? Well have no fear, the ISA Professional Ceramic Flat Iron is here! I absolutely love the fact that you can lock your buttons into place, so never losing all those stressful minutes (OK, maybe seconds) spent trying to find the best temperature for your individual hair needs. In fact, I would go so far as to say that each and every pair of straightening irons in the whole world should have this as part of their basic set-up. Manufacturers please listen!

Raving about the neon

I remember the 1990s, when neon was a fashion must. And to bring that bang up-to-date, I’m happy to rave about neon in my straightening iron. The ISA Professional Digital LCD Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener has a neon-lit digital temperature display, and as much as you may think ‘Ha! Why do I need that?’, once you’ve seen it you will understand my excitement. It just makes things a whole lot clearer/simple, and I love it for that.

Talking of love, will the pros and cons list show that I love this straightener or hate it, although I think it’s fairly obvious which way this will go.

PROs – love the two-tone look, especially the attention to detail on the plates; at last I got great results straightening and curling; this was by far the easiest pair of straightening irons to handle and maneuverer

CONs – oh my goodness, I simply cannot think of a single one!

I conclude this review by saying that I really don’t think you can go wrong with this pair of straightening irons. What I really like about them is the fact that every detail is done with the same care and consideration, meaning that everybody’s styling needs, however small, have been addressed. Thank you ISA!

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