BaByliss Pro Porcelain Plate Flat Iron Review

“Babyliss is straightening bliss”

Mention the brand name of Babyliss and unless someone has, quite literally, been living on the moon, they are likely to be familiar with it. With an established reputation for quality, buy Babyliss and you feel pretty darn confident you are getting good value. Yet although this is just my humble opinion, they are still not seen as a brand that screams must have straighteners unlike their competitors, the kings of the hair straightening world, Chi or GHD.
But happy to be proved wrong, the Babyliss Pro Porcelain Plate straighteners were put to the test.

Plate it Up, Baby!

The Babyliss Pro Porcelain Plate straighteners have plate in the name for a reason. The 4” long and 1” wide plates are made to a superior grade that makes them suitable for commercial use, so that’s a pretty good recommendation. Porcelain is not just great for an exquisite cup of tea in a quaint English style, as it is fab on a straightener plate too. I get easily confused with my IRONS and IONS, especially as both are relevant to straighteners, but the science is all to do with negative and positive ions counteracting each other which results in healthier hair by retaining the hair’s natural moisture, whilst also enhancing the texture. But whatever the science, something is working as these Babyliss straighteners definitely left the hair looking far better than before.

On a more negative note, the plate width may not suit everyone. Personally, I found it increased the straightener’s styling versatility and I was able to do things like flicks on shorter bits of hair, but that usual niggle of a lot of straighteners, as in not being able to get close enough to the hairline, was an issue here. I can’t just blame Babyliss though, as the risk of burnt scalps the world over is probably an insurance risk just not worth taking.

Babyliss Pro Porcelain Plate

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Light as a feather…well sort of..

The Babyliss Pro Porcelain Plate straighteners are very definitely amongst the lightest straighteners around. Obviously they aren’t as light as a feather as they would be constantly just blowing away and making people with allergies sneeze, but their lightness will make them appeal to a lot of people. Lack of a heavy weight means that it can be easier to reach awkward places and it also makes them a good straightener choice for if you are traveling.

Again to balance with a bit of a negative, the straighteners are lightweight due to their ‘plastic’ exterior. This means that the straighteners don’t look as amazing as some other brands and they could crack if dropped, but as the plan is never to throw them around, it is not something that is a huge issue.

It’s Getting Hot in Here

Having plates that distribute heat evenly is not easily achieved, even in this day and age of straighteners being as common to own as a kettle or a toaster. Even heat means a superior result with minimal signs of dryness and enhanced shine. Luckily, the Babyliss Pro Porcelain Plate straighteners have no such hot-spots and this is definitely a bonus find. Even more pricey models can’t offer this so it’s a real pat on the back moment.

The straighteners are also quick to heat up and retain the heat well, even if you get distracted and walk off for a while.

A nifty little feature is the adjustable heat dial up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This is especially perfect for those with extra fine hair or thick frizz, as it means that the straighteners will do their job without the worry of short-term and/or long-term damage.

On and on…and on…

Straighteners with a cord that’s too short can be problematic as you can’t reach around all the hair easily. Straighteners with a cord that’s too short can also be problematic as you are constantly having to whip the cord around from side to side, as well as their being a chance of tangling. The Babyliss falls in to the latter category here with its 8ft cord. Whilst there was no tangle when I used, I could see that it could happen, but as with most things, it is likely that you would find your own way of avoiding this, or it may not even bother you in the slightest of course.

What’s that smell?

A quick trawl around other reviews did bring up the issue of a weird heating kind of smell on initial use. There was definitely something in the air but as I’m not prone to panic I did just that and didn’t panic. Some electrical items can have an initial ‘burn-off’ tell-tale odor, but if this continues, then it’s probably time to take it back to the store and raise the issue with them.
Here’s a brief round-up of the Pros and Cons for the Babyliss Pro Porcelain Plate straighteners.
Pros: Effective, commercial grade plates that leave the hair looking healthy.

Lightweight model that makes it perfect for holidays and travel.

Adjustable temperature control minimizes potential damage to the hair.
Cons: Outer casing is maybe not the best quality and makes the straightener look a little boring.

Potential of a weird burning smell when first used.

Long cord may tangle in use and you may find you need to whip it around your head and from side to side

So in conclusion, is the Babyliss Pro Porcelain Plate straightener actually straightening bliss?

Well at a relatively cheap price point you are no doubt getting value for money. It may be worth spending more on a premium brand if the look of your straightener is important, but other than that, these deliver exactly what they say they will.