Rainbow Cat Undercut Is The Hottest New Hairstyle On Instagram

Like cats? Like fantastic hairdos? Ever considered combining the 2? No, I don’t suggest offering your cat a mohawk. I am talking about shaving your cat to the back of your head?!

Russian Instagram person Katichka has definitely thought about it. The truth is, she’s completed more than think about it. She’s really done it. Have a look in the images below to see the effect on your own.

“I constantly take my tired cat with me,” reads the message she posted along with the image. The design follows where a picture or design is shaved into an under cut under the the hair in the rear of the the top, a fresh craze called hair tats. The image is revealed when you brush your own hair away and stays concealed.

The abilities behind the scissors is Leningrad-based hair-dresser

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