CHI Air Expert Classic Review

“Stunning hair and stunning looks – The Chi is a model straightener.”

Chi – look up the word’s meaning and there are a multitude of definitions, but the feeling is definitely of a word with positive connotations.

And as Chi the hair company, or Cationic Hydration Interlink Technology as it is also known, that positivity is achieved courtesy of a long history of quality products as part of the larger Farouk brand. Cationic Hydration Interlink Technology adds to the hair’s strength as well as retaining and adding essential moisture, with the result being magnificent looking hair – result!

Chi have earned a reputation for excellence in all their products with many years of industry experience behind them, so it should go without saying that their hair straighteners will fit the category of superlative performance. But does the hype match the delivery?


Model looks

The Chi Pro 1” Ceramic Flat Iron immediately scores in terms of good looks. Whilst some people may not be motivated by color, for others a straightener that looks pretty is a key consideration. So with a contemporary and vibrant color choice of red, pink, aqua blue and purple as well as classic black, this may be the first thing that attracts you to the Chi. When you have a pair of straighteners that are as iconic as Chi’s are, a distinctive look means that others can easily recognise that when it comes to your purchasing choices, only the best will do. Vanity not only in how you look, but how your straighteners look also, shows that you take pride when it comes to appearance in every aspect.

But put appearance aside, and actually it is the Chi’s superior performance that will capture the heart.


CHI Air Expert Classic

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Thick to slick

The plates are made from Tourmaline Ceramic, a superior choice that is known to eliminate frizz and static. Tourmaline’s negative ions counteract the positive ions present in dry and damaged hair, so sealing in the hair’s natural level of moisture as well as adding to it too. Having tourmaline present in your straightening irons improves the hair’s texture and makes it a whole lot easier to style. In terms of finish, this means that straightened hair will not just be just that – straight – but also have that finished salon look with no flyaway or kinks. Shine is always appreciated with the straightened hair look and the Chi delivers on this point, leaving your hair silky smooth and looking at its healthy best. Some straighteners struggle to flatten thicker hair, but the Chi is master at taking on even the toughest of challenges. Even heat distribution that actually does distribute heat evenly makes the job of straightening a relative breeze for even the most inept home hair stylists. Even hair that looks impossible to tame can be transformed to catwalk perfection, making choosing the CHI PRO AIR 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron an assured choice of purchase.

Lightweight but packs a heavyweight punch

But this doesn’t mean that you are getting a straightening iron the size of a clothing iron with the weight to match. The CHI PRO AIR 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron manages to be brilliant without needing to be a heavyweight in terms of holding the thing. This makes it ideal for everyone, and is a good contender for those with dexterity issues due to its size matched with performance. A longer than average cable means that reaching those hard to reach places is easier than you imagine – so no more sleek front and sides and a mass of tangle at the back. But the longer cable also means tangle of a different kind, with the cord being prone to twisting.

Quick, quick!

In a rush? The plate heats up mega-quickly, and combine this with the Chi’s ease of use and you can achieve your look quicker than when using competing straighteners. This is a fact that should not be ignored as choosing a straightener that delivers in a fraction of the usual time is a real bonus and can enhance your day and mood! Imagine pressing the snooze button on your alarm one more time, or having an extra cup of coffee, and the advantages start to add up.

Say no to auto

One negative has to be that unlike the equally popular GHD’s, there is no auto cut-off if you forget to turn the straighteners off. As unlikely as that may seem to happen, Chi are missing a trick here, even if it’s just because a competitor is giving customer’s something that Chi are not.

Curl girl

Of course, straighteners are now not just for straightening, as waves, kinks, waves, twists and more are all part of a good pair of straightener’s skill base. But whilst the Chi Pro Air may be your best friend when it comes to straight hair, it is not necessarily the best on the market for waves and curls. This is not particularly an issue with the performance of the Chi, as get the knack and again the Chi Pro Air will give you the curled hair of your dreams, but this is just because holding it when you’re curling can be a little dicey due to heat build-up on the exterior. This is not a major issue however, and as with all products you will get used to your own way of handling, but it is definitely worth a mention.

Weighing up the pros and cons, it seems that these are the most important considerations.

CONS – can be difficult to hold when curling, cord can tangle, no auto shut-off feature

PROS – straightens even the thickest hair, lightweight, hair condition enhanced with stunning results

Buying a pair of straighteners should always be a more considered purchase and the Chi offers supreme performance at a pleasing price point. The brand are known for their quality and this is a purchase that is set to deliver excellence for many years to come.