Infiniti Pro by Conair Flat Iron Review

“Cheap but cheerful”

Working on the idea that not all of us are multi-millionaires (me included), as well as the thought process that why pay extra money if you can get superior results at a fraction of the cost, then reviewing the Infiniti Pro was always going to be a very interesting process. Could you really get impressive results at such a relatively low price point?

The heat is on

Many straighteners are now determined to get instant heat quicker and quicker. Now very obviously the use of the word ‘instant’ gives a connotation that it is a finger-click of time, but in the world of marketing, instant is actually instant-ISH. But instant-ISH or not, the Infiniti Pro heat up remarkably quickly. We may be getting used to this with our straighteners nowadays to the extent that if we don’t have instant heat it may even seem peculiar, but as these are not a premium price point, it’s a much appreciated feature.

Even flow

Again, I’m going to bang on about the price so bear with me. Plates that give out even heat consistently make a huge difference to the finish of your hair. The look will be straighter noticeably as well as shinier and healthier. The Infiniti Pro’s tourmaline-coated plates prevent hot spots and ensure an even distribution of heat and I will admit that I felt it was superior in this respect than some other straighteners I have used at a much higher price point. Let’s be honest, a good pair of straighteners will ultimately be judged by how good your hair looks, and these very definitely delivered a result that I was proud to walk down the street with. Even heat distribution also helps when dealing with differing hair types such as fine, thick, curly and coarse (mine is thick) so this is turning out to be an all-round straightener for everyone.

Heat Shield PROTECTOR!

It all sounds very Marvel Comics, but the Heat Shield is a really nifty little addition here. In fact, I’d go so far to say that it would potentially influence my decision as to whether to buy the Infiniti Pro or whether to bin it in favor for a different straightener. Why? I do find one of the main negatives with straighteners is putting them down. They are hot – very hot. They are not the easiest of shapes to hide away neatly as they cool. I have tripped over the things on more than one occasion and I worry that then dog will sniff them and burn his nose, or tread on them and burn his paws. Yes I am a bit of worrier, but these things worry me.

The Infiniti Pro’s Heat Shield is hardly a huge scientific breakthrough, but more common sense! The plastic (obviously heat –proofed plastic) unit is a bit like a coat for the straightener. They slip it on after a hard day’s work (well few minutes in reality) and it keeps them all protected – but actually it’s the protecting of other surfaces that is more important here. Put the shield on the straightener and you can place it on a working surface, desk, dressing table, whatever within reason while the unit cools down. So more tripping over wires, no more worrying about the dog, cat, kids, and no more scorch marks that never, ever go. Sorted!

Free as a bird

There’s been much talk in the straightening world about floating plates. In my head it conjures up visions of freedom, peace, calm, tranquility, but the actual physical notion behind this when it comes to straighteners is that the plates can adapt to your hair thickness, type etc. and trap it in one place – so the heat is exactly where it needs to be – on the hair. It also means less slipping and increased grip. The idea sounds like it would be great but I personally have never really found a straightener with this technology that has made me think ‘Wow!’. The Infiniti Pro is sadly no different. The plates don’t always seem to do what they promise and I found this annoying when it happened, although it didn’t happen all the time. I guess this is proof of the old adage you get what you pay for.

Not at the top of the good-looks pile

Now I am fully aware that everybody has different tastes, but compare this to some of the more expensive brands in terms of its look and the price difference starts to show. The deep-red, pseudo burgundy look just reminds me of a board meeting where they were trying to think of a color that made the Infiniti Pro stand out from the crowd but wasn’t in your face, and this is the decision that was made. The color actually accentuates the cheaper quality in my opinion and makes it look a bit ‘tinny’. I do like the textured silver plate but because it is silver, it makes me think it is going to be really hot for some reason. Bizarre but true.

Pros and Cons?

PROS – effective results considering the lower price point, really good heat in a flash, heat shield PROTECTOR that PROTECTS!

CONS – cheaper looking straightener, floating plates aren’t always up to the job they are supposed to do

All-in-all, the Infiniti Pro straighteners deliver amazing results for the price, but – you may want to spend more if you want beyond amazing results.